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Fifth International

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This is not by far a complete guide, but here are some links to good stuff in English.




Benjamin Tucker, Liberty And Individualist Anarchism by Wendy McElroy http://www.zetetics.com/mac/tir1.htm


Liberty Index compiled by Wendy McElroy http://alumni.umbc.edu/~akoont1/tmh/ind_int2.html


Gustave de Molinari and the Anti-Statist Liberal Tradition by David M. Hart http://arts.adelaide.edu.au/person/DHart/ClassicalLiberalism/Molinari/Part1.html


Biography from The Collected Works of Lysander Spooner by Charles Shivel http://www.lysanderspooner.org/BIOch1.htm


American Anarchism Revisited by James J. Martin http://alumni.umbc.edu/~akoont1/tmh/deleon.shtml


The Egoism of Max Stirner by Sidney Parker http://alumni.umbc.edu/~akoont1/tmh/maxsego.shtml


Private Creation and Enforcement of Law by David Friedman http://www.best.com/~ddfr/Academic/Iceland/Iceland.html


Why Stateless? by Graham Green (on the Somalian situation) http://www.economic.net/somalia/whystateless.html


History of the Libertarian Movement Edited for New Libertarian participation http://www.loop.com/~sek3/nl/history.html


James J. Martin: An Interview with Reason http://members.xoom.com/nosacredcows/4thWeb_Page.html


To Thine Own Self Be True -The Story of Raymond Cyrus Hoiles and his Freedom Newspapers by Carl Watner http://members.aol.com/vlntryst/wn18.html


The Historical Origins of Voluntaryism by James Luther Adams http://members.aol.com/vlntryst/wn79.html


Lon L. Fuller and The Enterprise of Law by Barry Macleod-Cullinane http://www.digiweb.com/igeldard/LA/legal/fuller.htm




Anarchy by John Henry Mackay http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/5065/anarchy.html


The Economic Corollaries of Anarchism by Jim Shamlin http://www.spies.com/jxski/jim/nrk/index.html


The New Libertarian Manifesto by Samuel Edward Konkin III http://www.dis.org/daver/anarchism/nlm/nlm.html


Demystifying the State by Wendy McElroy http://pages.prodigy.com/sovereign/dmystify.htm


Strategic Libertarianism by Wendy McElroy http://www.webleyweb.com/tle/le960707.html


The American Revolution Revisited by Wendy McElroy http://www.zetetics.com/mac/amrevo.htm


The Basics of Economic Government by Stephen H. Foerster http://www.economic.net/articles/ar0001.html


How Can Governments Be Abolished? by Lyoff N. Tolstoy http://members.aol.com/vlntryst/wn73.html


Economic Government by Robert Klassen http://www.economic.net/articles/ar0002.html


Pizzacrazy Majoritarianism Versus Unanimous Consent by L. Neil Smith http://www.highlink.net/isil.org/fnn-51/pizzacr.htm


The Covenant of Unanimous Consent by L. Neil Smith http://www.webleyweb.com/lneil/new-cov.html


Turn Off the Government by L. Neil Smith http://www.webleyweb.com/tle/le9611a09.html


Government Is An Unnecessary Evil by Fred Woodworth http://members.xoom.com/nosacredcows/unnecessary_evil.html


The Extropian Principles Version 3.0 by Max More http://members.xoom.com/nosacredcows/extprn3.htm


Police, Courts, And Laws - On the Market by David Friedman http://www.best.com/~ddfr/Libertarian/Machinery_of_Freedom/MofF_Chapter_29.html


Socialism, Limited Government, Aanarchy, And Bikinis by David Friedman http://www.best.com/~ddfr/Libertarian/Machinery_of_Freedom/MofF_Chapter33.html


Why the Political Left Should Consider Libertarianism by Stacey Lee http://www.digiweb.com/igeldard/LA/political/leeleft.txt


Why I Call Myself A Free Market Anarchist And Why I Am One by Brian Miklethwait http://www.digiweb.com/igeldard/LA/political/anarchist.htm


Taxation is Theft by Chris R. Tame http://www.digiweb.com/igeldard/LA/political/taxtheft.txt


Government as Mafia by Robert Brakeman http://www.digiweb.com/igeldard/LA/political/mafia.txt


Personal Anarchy by Michael Ziesing http://members.xoom.com/nosacredcows/personal_anarchy.html


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